Air-Sealing with Tyvek & Caulk or Spray Foam?


Tyvek & Caulk are widely used for house insulation. But it doesn’t prove their effectiveness. Foam spray used by Everest is much more efficient and it makes your home more comfortable. That’s why it’s a clever idea to use foam spray instead of Tyvek & Caulk.Temperature control in houses with fiberglass is not as good as possible. Convection currents in porous fiberglass cause a loss in performance, and also in comfort. Because of air movement in the cavity, and convection currents, temperature of wall surface may be colder or hotter than interior temperature. The result is too cold or too hot temperature in the house, which is not very comfortable.

That is the common problem for roofs and walls with fiberglass inside. It the air is warm and the wall surface is cold, it may cause great heat losses.If walls and roof are insulated by spray foam, cavity is filled properly and convection currents don’t appear. The result is comfortable air temperature in rooms and no losses in heat and comfort.

In addition, Everest provides healthy and ecological materials. They are not toxic and doesn’t cause allergy, like other insulation materials. So our foam spray insulation makes your home more comfortable, safe and healthy.