Everest Insulation Services

Proper insulation is a basic step towards boosting an energy efficient environment for all family members. Everest Insulation can do it for you by using a personalized approach. We can solve issues connected with a high temperature in summer, leakage of warm air in winter, and paying more for utilities.

Professional Service That Will prevent energy loss and increase energy efficiency.

Open Cell Insulations

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Closed cell insulations

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Other Often-Needed Insulation Services

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Where to insulate
(Home Insulation)

Basement insulation

By putting closed cell foam on interior walls of a basement, you create air barrier and higher r-value. Your house becomes warmer in winter and cooler in summer. It also protects a house against moisture.

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Crawl spaces insulation

If there is ventilation, we can insulate a ceiling of a crawl space to decrease costs for cooling and heating. However, if there is no ventilation, our professionals install insulation on walls of a crawl space to let conditioning for a house get into space. We apply spray foam in both cases.

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Floor insulation

To cope with cold and moist in winter, and prevent losing warm air through floor cracks in summer, you should use spray foam. We apply it under a floor or subflooring to seal holes and cracks. It preserves a building from different insects, spiders, or soil moisture that can rise from the ground.

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Garage insulation

If you tend to spend considerable time in your garage to do some work, it is worth making it more comfortable. By insulating interior garage walls, you will reduce noises, and prevent gasses from entering a house. Additionally, you will have a safer living environment. Besides, if you have an attic above the garage, the spray foam will bring benefits. You will not need a great deal of energy to heat or cool the space.

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Walls, windows, and air sealing the leaks

Air leakage can cause problems connected with moisture, noise, dust, the entry of rodents and pollutants. Moreover, you have to pay extra 30% for cooling and heating.

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Our workers can tackle all these issues. Firstly, we identify hidden holes, cracks, and penetrations in windows and walls. Then, by using spray foam, we fill large cracks and small holes. So, decreasing the leakage can upgrade building durability, indoor environment, cut cooling and heating costs, etc.

Attic insulation and air sealing

Mostly you lose the biggest amount of energy because of an attic. Proper insulation and sealing will affect comfort and bills for utility. We can effectively do it for you with a help of spray foam. Here are additional benefits you get: better indoor air quality, no attic mold, less outside noise, improved humidity control, etc.

Air ducts sealing and insulation

To boost the efficiency of cooling and heating system by 20% and raise air flow, you need to seal and insulate ducts. Our company professionals firstly seal ducts, and then add insulator to keep the air at a necessary temperature, when it moves through the system. So, the HVAC system will perform satisfactorily.

Ice dams prevention and removal / repair

You should know that because of poorly working roof ventilation and warm space in an attic, ice dams appear. They can spoil drywall, roof, paint, structure, cause mold, etc. To avoid the problem permanently, improve ventilation to decrease the temperature of your attic, and insulate attic floor and heating ducts.

But if winter came but you did not manage to make improvements in the attic yet, we can save your roof. After a heavy snow, ice dams construct. You can contact our experts, who will assess the situation and recommend how to solve it. We usually take away all snow from the roof. Then, by using steam, ice melts and disappears.

If a roof has some damage inflicted by ice dams, we can repair it according to the case

Removal of old insulation

We frequently remove old insulation, before installing spray foam due to some reasons. Firstly, it helps to make better conditioning. Secondly, cellulose and fiberglass are less durable than spray foam. Thirdly, if there is mold in your attic, we can solve this issue. Fourthly, we can disinfect the attic if there are insects or pests. So, the new insulating process will move smoothly and effectively.

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Things to Know before Constructing a Posh House

Building a new house must be approached with good knowledge about eco-friendly insulation. If you wish to save energy, you will use our contemporary approach to insulating. Remember, that utility bill and HVAC costs will increase because of loosing heat.

So, main advantages of a properly insulated home will be deadened noise

No issues with moisture, mildew, mold, etc.
Moreover, rodents and insects will be away, and you will have clean ventilation.