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Everest Insulation formerly headquartered in Bridgeport, CT, now serves Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Vermont areas. Our main area of expertise is spray foam insulation – from the foundations of your house to the attic. We can make your residence heat and energy-efficient and healthier, as our insulation goes hand with the green revolution.

Upgrade Your House Insulation with an Accomplished Contractor

Our company aims to provide you with comprehensive solutions for enhancing the energy performance of your house. Our team comprises experienced and certified workers. We are offering such services as spray foaming, prevention, and removal of ice damming, insulation of crawlspace, air ducts, air sealing, etc.

Are you still uncertain about protecting your building from cold and noise? Let us reassure you, that the better insulation a house has, the less extra heating you need. As far as maximizing energy efficiency in your home, spray foam is one of the best insulators on the market.

If your residence was insulated a long time ago, it could have become spoilt, and may need repairing or replacing.

5 Things to Know about Spray Foam Insulation for Attic

If you are seeking for the best options to improve the environment within your home, our company can help. We specialize in covering roofs with materials that stop heat leaking or the intrusion of sound. By utilizing a spray foam product, we make your attic hold up better against seasonal temperature challenges outside. To prove this here is a list of helpful tips to remember before adding insulation to the attic.

  • If your roof is high and has an irregular shape, consequently there can be difficulty in insulating and sealing it. You can solve the issue with the help of spray foam. It reaches any space and adheres to any surface.
  • Insulation by using the foam is a modern solution for unvented attics to resist bulk moisture, condensation, keep comfortable temperatures throughout the attic, etc. What is more, these conditions allow you to transform the area into a space for living. But, in such a case, it is preferable to have mechanic ventilation for better air quality inside.
  • There are two main types of spray foams – open cell and closed cell. They are almost similar in chemical structure: the same proportion of agriculturally derived resin from corn, sugarcane, sugar beets, or soybeans. These foams are eco-friendly. Main differences between the products are connected with R-value, permeability, and density.
  • If there is HVAC system in your house, it is worth adjusting its size for spray foam. You will get greater comfort, and decrease initial expense.
  • If you need foam insulation for a vented attic, put it on the attic floor. In this way, less moist warm indoor air will move inside, and condensation will not cause that much damage on the roof deck. It will also minimize the growth of mold and ice damming.

You see that using this kind of attic insulation can improve home energy sufficiency score and lower energy bills. But, if you have some other problems connected with insulating, be sure there are the best means to solve them.

Up-to-date Ways and Advantages of Home Insulation

Our company fully comprehends the significance of proper and safe insulation installation for your house. Therefore, we apply products of good quality, which have high R-values. You can derive some benefits from our services, let us display how.

  • Prevention and removal of ice damming protect your roof from severe winter atmospheric precipitation.
  • Insulation of crawl space helps to avoid the problems with ventilating and keep it dry.
  • Spray foaming provides a comfortable temperature in your house during the whole year, minimizes noise, and prevents moisture from occurring. It is also greatly necessary for the attic to seal cracks and holes.
  • Cleaning of air ducts boosts the quality of air in a house and removes dirt from your HVAC systems.
  • Air sealing decreases drafts, the quantity of energy for heating and cooling a house, and the level of humidity.

So, all these home insulation options promote a decline of your utility bills, and improvement of the indoor environment. You will change your house into an energy efficient one.

 Our Best Offer

Insulating your house properly with Everest Insulation is a good investment which will certainly pay back over time – as much as 40-50 % energy cost savings for the residence owners, offering additional benefits of better structural stability, noise isolation and more.

We understand your commitment to invest in your property, and we offer free energy evaluation and free estimates, followed by our affordable and competitive prices.

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