Your house needs to breathe


Your house needs to breathe, if you want to have fresh air in the rooms and no problems with moisture. But modern buildings often have uncontrolled air infiltration, which is not efficient. Everest offers the spray foam insulation to make ventilation in the house controlled and efficient.For example, if fiberglass is used for building insulation, approximately half of air in the rooms is being changed every hour. Moisture air passes through the cavity and then becomes condensed on cold surfaces.

If spray foam is used, air changes will be only 10-15% per hour. And even if walls and the roof have tight insulation, air still passes through doors and windows of the house. So the building still breathes, but air flow is more controlled and efficient. You can save more than 30% of energy costs by using spray foam.If the building is tight, you can control quantity of fresh air that comes to the rooms, and the places where it passes to your house. The result is better quality of the interior air and less problems with moisture. Many of us, especially people with allergy, want to breathe the air without pollen, smog, spores, and mold. Spray foam used by Everest solves this problem and does it in cost effective way.